Exotic pets and wild animals are sometimes not easy to manage in the postoperative period.

In this cases minimal invasive surgery offers them huge advantages.

After a minimal invasive approach the animal recovers rapidly and this means that the animals can get back as soon as possible to their own area, without the need of any after surgery isolation and to stay away from their social group.

In minimal invasive surgery the entry points of the videocamera and the instrumentation are such small, that the risk of deiescence and infection results minimal.
This seems particulary important to us, as the visual control and the disinfection of the surgical wound is potentially impossible in most of the zoo and wild animals.

In our surgical experience especially big cats and primates gain advantage of this surgical approach, as they generally try to lick and dissolve the sutures on the surgical woundedges.
Furthermore, social animals suffer prolonged isolation in case of post surgical treatments.

Surgical reproduction control (some techniques are also reversible as in human medicine) respect the social behaviour of the individuals and can be performed in laparoscopy in short time and with a high level of security for the animal.

The approach in laparoscopy or vaginoscopy together with other techniques as hormonal monitoring and ultrasound, anables to realize artificial insemination in a wide range of wild and exotic animal species, as known in veterinary medicine for pets.
The minimal invasive surgery and the endoscopic diagnostic procedures
can be performed in the case
of zoo and wild animals in the park centers or local veterinary facilities.
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